Eastward Bound

Hi everyone, I am off to Japan for the holidays and could not be more excited!
How great does it feel to get the last of your files archived and shut down the computer for the rest of the year? I am about to find out. I hope next year I can figure out how to post pictures on here with the blog so I can share some of the stuff I am about to see.
So the studio seems under control. I am told there is more steel being added because of all the insane structural challenges we have run into, and I told the crew the place better look a whole lot different (AKA: DRYWALL) when I get back or else! Actually, I love those guys, I told them to make sure and not work on Christmas. I try to be tough though.
We did finish a couple of INSANE shoots this month. I shot a POP for Icehouse that involved a group of crazy 20-somethings (25 and over to be exact for the legal eagles out there) splashing around in a steamy hot springs (read pool in Chicago). We had some challenges to put it nicely but the results are great and I cant wait to see the final piece.
Then, I produced and shot a fashion series with wardrobe from Bonnie and Clyde's boutique. The pictures look super! But I need to give a shout out to Robert for driving the RV 4 hours each way to and from the location. And to the models for trying not to look cold; and the crew for not forming an outright mutiny.
I will post that when I get back from my trip, I am hoping the 2007 portfolio will be complete in January and I can post a fresh grouping on my site soon.
Lastly, I am reading You, Inc. I know, do I ever stop thinking about work? I guess I love my job a little too much, but I am working on my outside interests :)
But it is a good (quick) read. The main message is that everyone is super overwhelmed by media and life's demands so in order to be successful everything you do/say/produce/write needs to be super short and concise. The whole book is probably shorter that this blog post - I'll be finished with it momentarily. So I am not sure whether to be inspired or depressed by the findings, but I guess if you can't beat them... Happy New Year!


late night catch up

hi all, i realized today that people actually look at my blog! how exciting and scary at once! so then i felt guilty about neglecting this (of course i don't feel guilty about neglecting my dog, my health, my social life, but god forbid the blog go unattended!)
so, what is new. i am relentlessly listening to bob dylan because i heard 'just like a woman' covered at the gallery open mic last night and found myself singing along with it with a random stranger so i thought i had better update my itunes and get that and 'baby blue' so i can over listen to them both immediately just like i did in junior high. i have also been craving bob marley, who i need to buy (i used to own all this stuff on CD, no? where the heck are my CDs, i am too busy archiving my images and taking up all the shelf space!) it will bring me back to days traveling and being carefree. maybe i can rekindle some of that on my big Japan trip later this month. Robert's surprise birthday trip got let out of the bag by way of spam so now the poor guy is stuck planning his own trip. but i think he has something fabulous planned so i am excited to get away and of course take pictures. :)
so, i spent the day testing for a beer shoot. my new favorite special effects guy, Dieter Sturm was there helping and we had a blast even though all the air vents were open and our fog was blowing everywhere. but we have plans in place to solve all our problems so everything is cool for the big day next week. i want to give a special shout out to my stylist Liz Klafeta for helping SO MUCH today. i could not have done it without her and i promise her that she will never have to do that again.
so what is new with the studio? i am in denial as usual. a bunch of appliances were delivered over there today, probably way too early but we got the floor models and needed somewhere to put them. all our fuses had blown on my set when they called, of course so i was no help. i wish all the worker bees over there luck.


happy thanksgiving

Ok, i havent posted in a while, but i have been busy testing, and shooting a few editorials, etc. I just finished a week-long job with Northwestern too, so i am feeling a little smarter by osmosis. i have a ton of great stuff planned for this weekend and i hope to post some new pictures from all my fashion shoots this month on my site soon. the studio is supposed to be finished being framed by Monday so keep your fingers crossed... i think we are actually still on schedule! my mom is making 2 pies (1/2 a pie per person attending our little day of food tomorrow) yum -happy thanksgiving!


more testing

Well, the shoot went great, i have more that i can even start to pick from thanks to my awesome models from Elite, Stephanie and Stacey. Some new shots are up on my site while I decide what i like best. I am currently planning another test this weekend with a custom garment from one of my favorite designers, Miriam Coffey. October is the month of testing I guess, so hopefully I'll have a great new body of work in a month or so - then i can properly devote some time to planning our Japan trip and also our hawaii trip for my brothers wedding (copycat!). i've tried to stop the ideas from coming to no avail. Robert and I shot a portrait with a large blowup globe today but the globe wouldn't fit in the car so we had to finish inflating it onsite. I probably looked a little silly blowing into a 4ft globe in the parking lot but it was a nice day out and i am used to looking a little crazy!


birds and buildings don't mix

Yesterday I found a tiny bird that had hit a tall building and fallen out of the sky. It landed right next to me in the street and I picked it up. It didn't look like it was going to make it, but we walked a few blocks and I cupped it in my hand. before you know it, the bird was well enough to fly away after one false start, and off it went! I guess we can add 'bird healer' to my list of special skills.
As for the regular studio demolition update, I am told demo will be over this week. We don't have our dumpster yet and poor Slavic has to oversee a worksite that looks like a bomb went off inside. Clean up is planned to take all next week. I am hoping to get in for a quick photo shoot while it is a disaster though. We wont have to clean up afterwards!



I met with Alderman Reboyras today in the 30th Ward, I am hoping that they are excited to have me as a new neighbor. They signed the necessary letter to approve our project thankfully. Demolition is still slated to start next week. I am in a holding pattern to find either a poodle or an afghan hound for my next test, but more emails have been sent so hopefully that will be resolved sometime next week. I saw some fantastic ceramic work that inspired me at the Pilsen Art Festival this past weekend. A mathematician made it, tiny linked rings that formed fabric and cubes! New portfolios from the lovely Eriko Yahiro are set to arrive here next week too, and website redesign is plodding along. I am resting up to shoot the Chicago Marathon this weekend, not sure I have trained properly :)


my first blog

Ok, welcome to this century Callie and get your own blog already!
I know, blogging is so 2005. As usual, i have been working way too hard trying to fully launch my photo superstardom and am behind on this (along with myspace, friendster, youtube, facebook....... does no one else see the endless cylce of has-been sites compiling here???). Although i have lots to cover i will keep this brief. after working about 7 jobs a week for most of September, Callie Lipkin Photography, Inc. is attepting to regroup and take some much needed catch up time. The studio demolition is set to begin next week, but lets not hold our breath until an actual crew with sledgehammers (or whatever they use for this) appears. For those of you who aren't privy, Robert and i have a new studio space set to be completed in early 2008 in the Avondale neighborhood (just NW of Logan Square for the 99.9% of you who haven't heard of it). let me just officially announce: it is going to be the coolest space ever!! we have a serious amount of renovation to perform, of course, but once the Tandem staffing company's offices are torn to bits, a beautiful, raw, spacious, lovely, concrete-and-brick-with-all-the-ammenities studio will begin to reveal iteslf. we are planning some documentation of this process, so stay tuned.
thanks for stopping!!