my first blog

Ok, welcome to this century Callie and get your own blog already!
I know, blogging is so 2005. As usual, i have been working way too hard trying to fully launch my photo superstardom and am behind on this (along with myspace, friendster, youtube, facebook....... does no one else see the endless cylce of has-been sites compiling here???). Although i have lots to cover i will keep this brief. after working about 7 jobs a week for most of September, Callie Lipkin Photography, Inc. is attepting to regroup and take some much needed catch up time. The studio demolition is set to begin next week, but lets not hold our breath until an actual crew with sledgehammers (or whatever they use for this) appears. For those of you who aren't privy, Robert and i have a new studio space set to be completed in early 2008 in the Avondale neighborhood (just NW of Logan Square for the 99.9% of you who haven't heard of it). let me just officially announce: it is going to be the coolest space ever!! we have a serious amount of renovation to perform, of course, but once the Tandem staffing company's offices are torn to bits, a beautiful, raw, spacious, lovely, concrete-and-brick-with-all-the-ammenities studio will begin to reveal iteslf. we are planning some documentation of this process, so stay tuned.
thanks for stopping!!