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Becoming Burlesque Video

I am so excited to finally post this - big thanks to Vaudezilla for allowing me to come in and document all the things that go into their burlesque performances.  And to Sean Eden for composing the original music.


Shooting city green spots

It can be challenging to find new environments in the city - especially ones that are not overrun with city-ness.  I stumbled on this great spot just north of my studio on Milwaukee Ave and it made the perfect location for a jazz drummer portrait.  It would be great to hear about others favorite city spots and see how other photographers see them.

Above: drummer Jon Deitemyer


New Burlesque Video

Here is the first of two documentary style videos I am adding to my moving pictures collection on my site.  The next one should be finished in another week or two.  Enjoy!


New Miller Image

This is the second of a three part series we shot last fall, we did the product and the lifestyle all in the same shot. Makes me want to throw a barbecue!