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Migrating Blog

After much thought about how to continue my blogging, I have decided to move my recent work news over to my wordpress blog here:

You can view my archives here, but please visit me there for recent posts, thanks!


Contributors Page

Its always an honor to be listed on the contributors page, special thanks to On Wall Street for putting me there this month.  As is my favorite technique these days, we shot this using all natural light.


New Portraits

I had the pleasure of working with some new models yesterday in the studio, here are some of my favorites


More new corporate work

This one was for a web redesign and the site turned out really great.  There is nothing better than clients who simply allow me do my best work.


New corporate work

Here are a few from some recent corporate projects I had the pleasure of working on. I should have some more of these soon but will post these now while I have a minute:


Living Art

I went to see Alexx Henry speak at Columbia College last night to present his work and discuss the concept of 'living art' which uses motion/video technology to create an extension of a photograph.  Robert actually went out to a conference where he spoke in LA in August of 2009 and the information really inspired us to take the leap and create these three pieces as our own foray into video.  These were really the catalyst and inspiration to start working more seriously with the medium so I thought I would repost them here.

The Burlesque piece has been living ever since on the Vaudezilla website which is a great example of a potential client application in the future.


Nationwide Billboard

I just got this billboard sample in from a series of Nationwide pieces we shot this summer with McKinney.  This was a lot of fun to shoot - great job especially from Bob Wiltfong (talent) and Ann Marie Weinert (makeup).


Final Eckrich pieces

I just received the pieces we shot this summer in Columbus for Eckrich with Kirk Herbstreit.  My favorite is the grilling one.  Thanks again to the agency and to the great crew we worked with there!


New Miller Image - Football Season

I finally have the last piece of the puzzle.  This one was super fun to shoot - thanks again to our wonderful cast and crew!  We shot the bottle, wings, and talent all in one shot.


Behind the scenes

Here is a little video I edited from behind the scenes footage of our lifestyle test from Minnesota this summer.  Special thanks to Bryce Bordenkecher for shooting the flip footage and Jon Deitemyer for the jazzy tunes.  Enjoy!


Becoming Burlesque Video

I am so excited to finally post this - big thanks to Vaudezilla for allowing me to come in and document all the things that go into their burlesque performances.  And to Sean Eden for composing the original music.


Shooting city green spots

It can be challenging to find new environments in the city - especially ones that are not overrun with city-ness.  I stumbled on this great spot just north of my studio on Milwaukee Ave and it made the perfect location for a jazz drummer portrait.  It would be great to hear about others favorite city spots and see how other photographers see them.

Above: drummer Jon Deitemyer


New Burlesque Video

Here is the first of two documentary style videos I am adding to my moving pictures collection on my site.  The next one should be finished in another week or two.  Enjoy!


New Miller Image

This is the second of a three part series we shot last fall, we did the product and the lifestyle all in the same shot. Makes me want to throw a barbecue!


Burlesque Party Video on No Plastic Sleeves

Check out today's No Plastic Sleeves blog

It features a piece about my burlesque party and promotional video - which you can also view here.


3rd Annual Burlesque Party - photos and thanks

The party this year was a huge success- here are some photos my new intern, Kirsten Miccoli, shot during the event. Can't wait to start planning next year.

Thanks to Vaudezilla and the Daniel Knox Band for providing such great entertainment, and to FIG Catering, Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique and Chocolat Chicago for the yummies!


PDN online article

Thanks to Louisa Curtis for writing a fantastic piece about my photography, my annual burlesque event and just me in general. I am honored! Link to the article here:


The Revelettes!

Here are some fun shots from a shoot I did in the studio with this group of rowdy ladies this past weekend.
Fun times!


Hospira Annual in print

Here it is, another lovely annual. Huge thank you to my awesome clients for including me on so many great projects this year!


Burlesque Evolution

If you want to see how miss Maria gets so beautiful before a big photo shoot, just watch here as the lovely and multi talented Anne Marie Weinert styles her up into a burlesque diva. I couldn't resist the Dove parody.

Dead umbrellas

Spent a few days in NYC last week - saw lots of these. Luckily my pink polka dot number held up better than these drab failures. Hope to be back soon in nicer weather.


New Miller pieces

I received the Miller Lite samples today from the POS project we shot late last year. I really love how they turned out! We shot both the product and the people which was a fun new challenge. Thanks to my awesome crew and amazing talent for all your hard work on this series!


Red Hot Annie

Always a pleasure to work with this lovely lady. She is usually behind the scenes with her hair and makeup artistry, but I had her center stage during a prelight over the weekend. So pretty!


AT&T Annual Report out

Super excited to see these finally in print, this was an incredible job, thanks to everyone involved!


vaudezilla video splash

I am really excited about the video I created for my good friends over at Vaudezilla - they are using it on their home page:
I am also barely able to contain my excitement about some upcoming projects expanding on the burlesque theme I started last year. Stay tuned for new stills and video...


Ebony Bones

Here are some fun shots I did of performer Ebony Bones before her show Saturday night -- she was an absolute doll to work with.


Travel Log part III

Last installment for now, we do have a vacation planned this month if we can actually squeeze it in.

Hopped on another plane - flew over Indiana:

I have always loved taking photos out of a car window, here was our cab ride in NYC:

French Roast and Cowgirl Cafe in the Village:

We were in the Village shooting all morning on Monday and the weather was just warm enough.

My favorite part of the trip, two hours of much needed laughter at the comedy cellar:

Then back to Atlanta and one more shoot with the orange backdrop, here is Robert helping:

The last part of the project is a bunch of retouching and one last shoot in Chicago. Can't wait to post the results from our journeys - probably in March.


Travel Log part II

Robert at the airport in Ft Lauderdale

We had a few too many bags and no carts in sight

Flaming bananas at the Mai Kai

Our location in Plantation Florida

Ft Lauderdale airport again

St Louis from our hotel

Set up for our shoot in NJ

Newark Aiport

Waiting for our cab - off to NYC next!


Travel Log

Five shoots down and seven to go! Most pix here taken with my Iphone.
After setting up for our executive team at AT&T in Dallas Robert and I headed home for a quick shoot with our local crew at Chicago Indoor Sports where Robert set up a tiny tripod outside the soccer field we were shooting at

Then, we headed off to see the country. Starting with Santa Monica where we were lucky enough to stay at Shutters
And shoot out on the water (thanks Aaron and Taylor!)

We were sad to leave!
We then headed to Atlanta and saw some culture between shoots

Then we caught another empty flight to DC
Where we saw the sights from the cab and walked through a National Geographic outdoor exhibit

We shot in the Adams Morgan neighborhood and the weather cooperated!

After the shoot we headed back to Chicago for a few days before going back out on the road

Check back next week for more snaps from the tour!