more testing

Well, the shoot went great, i have more that i can even start to pick from thanks to my awesome models from Elite, Stephanie and Stacey. Some new shots are up on my site while I decide what i like best. I am currently planning another test this weekend with a custom garment from one of my favorite designers, Miriam Coffey. October is the month of testing I guess, so hopefully I'll have a great new body of work in a month or so - then i can properly devote some time to planning our Japan trip and also our hawaii trip for my brothers wedding (copycat!). i've tried to stop the ideas from coming to no avail. Robert and I shot a portrait with a large blowup globe today but the globe wouldn't fit in the car so we had to finish inflating it onsite. I probably looked a little silly blowing into a 4ft globe in the parking lot but it was a nice day out and i am used to looking a little crazy!


birds and buildings don't mix

Yesterday I found a tiny bird that had hit a tall building and fallen out of the sky. It landed right next to me in the street and I picked it up. It didn't look like it was going to make it, but we walked a few blocks and I cupped it in my hand. before you know it, the bird was well enough to fly away after one false start, and off it went! I guess we can add 'bird healer' to my list of special skills.
As for the regular studio demolition update, I am told demo will be over this week. We don't have our dumpster yet and poor Slavic has to oversee a worksite that looks like a bomb went off inside. Clean up is planned to take all next week. I am hoping to get in for a quick photo shoot while it is a disaster though. We wont have to clean up afterwards!



I met with Alderman Reboyras today in the 30th Ward, I am hoping that they are excited to have me as a new neighbor. They signed the necessary letter to approve our project thankfully. Demolition is still slated to start next week. I am in a holding pattern to find either a poodle or an afghan hound for my next test, but more emails have been sent so hopefully that will be resolved sometime next week. I saw some fantastic ceramic work that inspired me at the Pilsen Art Festival this past weekend. A mathematician made it, tiny linked rings that formed fabric and cubes! New portfolios from the lovely Eriko Yahiro are set to arrive here next week too, and website redesign is plodding along. I am resting up to shoot the Chicago Marathon this weekend, not sure I have trained properly :)