New Miller pieces

I received the Miller Lite samples today from the POS project we shot late last year. I really love how they turned out! We shot both the product and the people which was a fun new challenge. Thanks to my awesome crew and amazing talent for all your hard work on this series!


Red Hot Annie

Always a pleasure to work with this lovely lady. She is usually behind the scenes with her hair and makeup artistry, but I had her center stage during a prelight over the weekend. So pretty!


AT&T Annual Report out

Super excited to see these finally in print, this was an incredible job, thanks to everyone involved!


vaudezilla video splash

I am really excited about the video I created for my good friends over at Vaudezilla - they are using it on their home page:
I am also barely able to contain my excitement about some upcoming projects expanding on the burlesque theme I started last year. Stay tuned for new stills and video...