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Video projects

I realized I have not blogged about this yet, so much to blog about that maybe can't be shared yet its hard to keep it all straight.
Robert and I did a series of video projects in the studio, they are posted on my website in the 'Moving Pictures' section. This is a still from one of them, inspired of course by burlesque. Check it out and let me know what you think, thanks!


Altpick first place!

I am so excited, my 'Everyday Burlesque' series has been awarded first place in the Altpick awards for photo series. After pouring my heart and soul into it all last winter and spring it feels great to know others saw it and got it. I am so grateful, not only for the honor, but also for the number of incredible dancers, stylists and crew who helped me realize this vision. See all the winners here: altpick winners


New Representation

Great News - as of last week I have teamed up with a fantastic new agent here in Chicago, Bunny Fisher. We have already won our first job together. Like it was meant to be. Cheers!


Halloween Book Complete!

We had a fantastic turnout at the Halloween party on Saturday - you can buy the book with pictures of everyone who attended if you like here:
Halloween Book


Planet Earth Casting Yesterday

This was super fun - thanks to everyone for coming out to our casting for Planet Earth Agency. You can view these and other Chicago talent on their website: Planet Earth Agency


Halloween Pre-Party Photo Shoot

Anyone want to come over in their costume on the 31st for a quick portrait session? Robert and I will be in costume, lets make a whole book of wacky Halloween costume photos! I have even provided these embarrassing photos of us from Halloweens past to get you in the mood (and as proof that one should not have one's chin up in pictures. Ever.) In case it is not clear, I am dressed as a cat lady. :)

Bring your friends. Or just anyone you see wandering around in a cool costume.


Banners are up

I was excited to see the Steppenwolf banners up today - they look great, thanks so much to everyone who helped with this and the theater's great marketing team for giving me the opportunity to execute.


Annual is out

The Mesirow report we worked on earlier this summer has been posted to their site - it looks great, here is a page grab. Extra special thanks to their designers for working so hard on it!


Super Lawyers!

Much thanks to the ABA for thinking this up - and to Liz Klafeta for styling and Tim from Ford for modeling, this was a fun one!

Also, special thanks to the rebels themselves whom I photographed as well: Patrick Lamb of Valorem Group, Bill Henderson of Indiana University and David Van Zandt of Northwestern University, along with the great staff at the ABA for helping make the whole project happen! See the whole project here:

Legal Rebels


Venus fashion spread

This was a collaborative effort between Denise Gibson at Venus, Liz Klafeta selecting wardrobe, Via Tania modeling and myself. I shot all the backgrounds over the course of a few weeks before the shoot and we shot Tania in the studio. Hours in front of the computer later, and voila - I had my pictures. Great to see it in print!


More PDN

More good news, I have a featured portfolio on the PDN homepage:

all thanks to those lovely burlesque ladies!


Steppenwolf Project

I was honored to be asked to work on the imagery for the Steppenwolf Theater's 09-10 season this summer. Here is the first of the 5 pieces.



Thanks to everyone who helped on this - you guys are awesome!!



I am honored to be included in PDN about the lovely Chicago photo market this month, even features my pic:

click for link


Been so busy!

I have been busy digging up this mound of ?
That is my excuse for not blogging. Should have TONS of new pictures to post once they all go live - maybe August.


new project

Just finished a project that went live today at:, thanks so much to the extras that helped with this at the last minute, I am so thankful to have met so many great people over the years and call on them for things like this. It was also great to get to do a project that was very much inspired by a sample I shot - great to see that others are entertained by my wacky vision. Extra special thanks to Brian for calling me for this!


The last dance

Hi everyone -- the last burlesque photo in the series turned out fantastically, as did the behind the scenes video that Keith did. Thanks everyone for your help!


Vixens on the CTA

Here is the latest behind the scenes video, the final image is also on my website in the Burlesque section.


Orchestra Shoot

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who made this shoot happen. It started as a crazy idea that I refused to let die-

I can't wait to see Keith's video from this, stay tuned...


New Video Episode

Keith just finished this adorable video of the shoot I did at the Salt n Pepper diner with the Honey Buns:

Stay tuned, we have a fun one planned for this weekend.


At Edge

Just got my images posted up on the At-Edge site:

Hope to put more up later, Buster says its time to leave the office!


New Website & Burlesque at the Diner

At first it was sad to see the old design go, I had it done about a year and a half ago and sadly that is ancient in the web-design world. I have added back a few categories from the past and present of my non-commercial work showcasing my photojournalism and corporate portfolios. Let me know what you think of the new design.

Also, The Honey Buns were adorable in this series shot at the Salt n Pepper diner this past weekend. I really love these images, the accompanying shot can be seen in the burlesque section of my new site. Special thanks to the Honey Buns, all the extras, Ann Marie and Keith and John and Maurice at the diner.


Burlesque at the dentist

Thanks again to Keith - we have another great video episode for you guys:

Special thanks to City Smiles, Maria May I, Roger Welp and Ann Marie Weinert (Red Hot Annie) as always!


Another Video Episode

Just as fun, minus the snow. Extra thanks to TJJ Laundromat in Wicker Park, the darling Pearl Pistol, Ann Marie Weinert (makeup) and Keith Emroll for this footage and editing. Look for the stills series to launch on my site ( sometime in the next week:


New Video Episode

Blog template updated - hope this doesn't confuse anyone, but I just needed a change.

Back in Chicago, I can't wait for spring. Hawaii reminded me how to stand up straight, all this shivering and hunching over in the cold is hard on the back. I have been busy with the burlesque project ever since we got back, vacation always helps me recharge and I left with enough ideas to carry me through the year. Keith Emroll has been kind enough to film some of my burlesque project shoots and I have posted the first episode. You can find this in a new page (still being designed so my apologies for how plain it is) located in the about section of my website called 'behind the scenes.'

You can also watch it here:

Stay tuned for more episodes, and visit Keith's Vaudezilla Productions site here:


Live from Hawaii

Need I say more? My obsession with burlesque continues into my yearly vacation.....

And Robert was there to help - even my parents made fabulous assistants and my mom shot these behind the scenes shots.

Special thanks to Violetta Beretta, the lovely burlesque dancer from Hawai'i, Jake Grace for standing in as our surfer, my parents for all their help and Patrick for letting us use this fantastic vintage board. xoxox


new ads

I have the first of the Blue Chip Ads that were completed by the creative team.

And the first of two billboards:

It's great after months of planning to see the final!


Shore Cover

Hooray, we got the cover of Shore Magazine - this time with Top Chef Stephanie Izard.


Down Time

Yes, I finally have a moment of it! We've been working on an ad project with Blue Chip Casino for the past week, anything to get the shot, right?

Extra special thanks to Tiffany O'Neill for taking that shot while simultaneously trying to keep lights from tumbling in the water.
I also want to thank our patient models and the rest of the crew, what little of it we had: Patte Lau, Dana Berwer, Morgan Blaul and Robert McGuire, for working 3 people's jobs each that first day! Hope to have something to post for all our hard work soon.