late night catch up

hi all, i realized today that people actually look at my blog! how exciting and scary at once! so then i felt guilty about neglecting this (of course i don't feel guilty about neglecting my dog, my health, my social life, but god forbid the blog go unattended!)
so, what is new. i am relentlessly listening to bob dylan because i heard 'just like a woman' covered at the gallery open mic last night and found myself singing along with it with a random stranger so i thought i had better update my itunes and get that and 'baby blue' so i can over listen to them both immediately just like i did in junior high. i have also been craving bob marley, who i need to buy (i used to own all this stuff on CD, no? where the heck are my CDs, i am too busy archiving my images and taking up all the shelf space!) it will bring me back to days traveling and being carefree. maybe i can rekindle some of that on my big Japan trip later this month. Robert's surprise birthday trip got let out of the bag by way of spam so now the poor guy is stuck planning his own trip. but i think he has something fabulous planned so i am excited to get away and of course take pictures. :)
so, i spent the day testing for a beer shoot. my new favorite special effects guy, Dieter Sturm was there helping and we had a blast even though all the air vents were open and our fog was blowing everywhere. but we have plans in place to solve all our problems so everything is cool for the big day next week. i want to give a special shout out to my stylist Liz Klafeta for helping SO MUCH today. i could not have done it without her and i promise her that she will never have to do that again.
so what is new with the studio? i am in denial as usual. a bunch of appliances were delivered over there today, probably way too early but we got the floor models and needed somewhere to put them. all our fuses had blown on my set when they called, of course so i was no help. i wish all the worker bees over there luck.

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