Eastward Bound

Hi everyone, I am off to Japan for the holidays and could not be more excited!
How great does it feel to get the last of your files archived and shut down the computer for the rest of the year? I am about to find out. I hope next year I can figure out how to post pictures on here with the blog so I can share some of the stuff I am about to see.
So the studio seems under control. I am told there is more steel being added because of all the insane structural challenges we have run into, and I told the crew the place better look a whole lot different (AKA: DRYWALL) when I get back or else! Actually, I love those guys, I told them to make sure and not work on Christmas. I try to be tough though.
We did finish a couple of INSANE shoots this month. I shot a POP for Icehouse that involved a group of crazy 20-somethings (25 and over to be exact for the legal eagles out there) splashing around in a steamy hot springs (read pool in Chicago). We had some challenges to put it nicely but the results are great and I cant wait to see the final piece.
Then, I produced and shot a fashion series with wardrobe from Bonnie and Clyde's boutique. The pictures look super! But I need to give a shout out to Robert for driving the RV 4 hours each way to and from the location. And to the models for trying not to look cold; and the crew for not forming an outright mutiny.
I will post that when I get back from my trip, I am hoping the 2007 portfolio will be complete in January and I can post a fresh grouping on my site soon.
Lastly, I am reading You, Inc. I know, do I ever stop thinking about work? I guess I love my job a little too much, but I am working on my outside interests :)
But it is a good (quick) read. The main message is that everyone is super overwhelmed by media and life's demands so in order to be successful everything you do/say/produce/write needs to be super short and concise. The whole book is probably shorter that this blog post - I'll be finished with it momentarily. So I am not sure whether to be inspired or depressed by the findings, but I guess if you can't beat them... Happy New Year!

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jill maltezos make up first llc said...

Callie-I am the makeup artist who worked with you on the Kmart shoot. I have worked with several photographers over the years, and wanted to let you know that I greatly admire your work. I would be more than thrilled to work with you again. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me through my site, www.makeupfirst.com or my school, www.makeupfirstschool.com. Have a great new year and much success for your new studio! Jill