OK, after recruiting all my friends and an assistant to help paint this crazy studio space I think we can finally stop. The painting is by no means finished, but it is at least at a point that will allow us to move in and finish some of it later without having to get behind desks and such. Who really looks at window trim, anyways?
Buster is highly irritated by the cold, as is Robert. They are both campaigning for winter to end ASAP. I think things could be worse, but that tends to be my response to most challenges these days.
So I have been testing like crazy for about a year and a half and I think I am slowing it down for a few months at least while we move into the new space. I am told the hardwood floors in our upstairs home are finished, but tile is not. Lounge ceiling is framed but not drywalled. Kitchen cabinets are delivered but not fully installed. Repeat. So everything is 1/2 finished and apparently it takes a lot longer to get things looking nice than it did to rip the place up last fall.
Attached are 2 pix from the lovely Jenn Holiday's jewelry collection. Thanks to my super great models Anna and Jameel. I hope we can get this girl a website soon becuase her work is fantastic. That was the last thing I shot at the old space, where I officially turned in the keys this week. Hopefully I won't be studio-less for more than a few weeks.
Keep your fingers crossed for a finished photo in my next post.

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