Polka, beer, etc

I was thinking last night when Robert was telling me a UFO story that we don't spend much time looking at the sky anymore. Living in the city doesn't do much to encourage it of course, but I do have fond memories of sky-watching back in the day. Just a thought. I realized I also have not put many new photos on here in a while, not that I have not been shooting. We have done a ton of Miller Lite in the past month or two, but of course it won't be public until the programs start. I should have some great layouts and outtakes though early next year. I did a fun test shoot here at the studio that I'll share 2 things from:

I wanted to capture a fantasy carefree memory of my youth with a twist. Sometimes I remember being out with friends and following a meandering path through the night that was wonderfully diverse, impossible to predict. One night in particular in Lisbon, I was with a friend and we met others along the way throughout the night who led us to a salsa bar until 3, a hip-hop club until 6, and a breakfast bar after that where we drank beer and sang along to bad 80's tunes right next to business folks having their morning coffee. In this photographic fantasy, some youngsters are out and they end up in a Polka bar with a bunch of more mature patrons and a band anchored by an expressive accordion player.
Going along with that theme, I created a series of photobooth shots to accompany:

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