That is my husband's new nickname for me and my childlike curiosity (as I like to think of it). The Olympics has really brought out this side of me. "Do you think that really hurts when they land on their biceps like that?" Or, "Where are the underwater cameras??" Yes, the Olympics has turned me into a bag-o-questions.
I am sure I am way behind the times in noticing how cool the opening ceremonies can be, since I haven't seen them since I was a lot shorter than I am today, but holy crap was that cool?!?
I don't have any exciting photos to post today because my files are all on my office computer. Do we always need to have visual aids? :)
I am a recent addition to the Facebook website. While others seem to love and loathe it in equal numbers, I am almost completely neutral. I did get kind of excited about this map program they have on there after seeing a friend with it, since I always used to love putting pins into a world map for all the places I had traveled. Now someone is enabling my dorky travel re-living to exist in cyberspace. Pretty cool, except I think it is sponsored by Trip Advisor or something and I can only imagine the kind of depressing spam that will result in by tomorrow. All the flight and hotel specials I cannot indulge in, delivered right to my inbox. woo hoo.
All right, I am back to my line of questioning, and the Olympics, these people are freaking incredible.

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