Ok, I know, its been a while since I've updated. I am drowning in to-do lists!
What should I start with, we had a great turn out at the opening party - over a hundred people showed up! Most likely to see the girls on the invitation in their underwear, but we all had to come together somehow, no? It was so awesome I am hoping to make it an annual event. We also just finished shooting the Mesirow Financial annual report earlier this month. Teresa Ging of Sugar Bliss donated a ton of cupcakes to my cupcake test shoot and we wrapped Kelly Anne up like a present the next day.

After all this we wanted to escape to the 'motherland' as we call it (minnesota) for some R&R and of course another test shoot. A big shout out to Floyd and Marcie for modeling, they were such a cute couple! And to Gina Hessburg for production and styling and Robb Kelly for hair and makeup.

Also in the past few weeks I went to Detroit for Newsweek assignment and photographed 3 portraits for Allstate. The photos of Jennifer and Adrienne are on display at Kate Boggiano's online store (www.kateboggiano.com). And SWC is using the first of the conceptual case study portraits I shot for them this spring (www.swc.com). Check back again soon and maybe I will have actually cleaned my office!

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Amber said...

Sounds fun Callie! I can't wait to hear what you're up to next.